U.S. Plan & Council

The National Plan

This page allows you to download documents that were developed as part of the U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan. The files are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Click the file name to open it in your browser or right click to download and save the file. Due to its size, the national plan may be downloaded in sections.

U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan, second edition (May 2001):

Cover, Table of Contents, Acknowledgments, Executive Summary

Parts 1 – 2: The Wind Birds/A Vision for Shorebird Conservation

Parts 3 – 4: Shorebird Conservation Status, Populations, and Priorities/National Shorebird Conservation Strategies

Part 5: Regional Shorebird Conservation Goals and Strategies

Parts 6 – 7: Shorebird Plan Implementation/List of Shorebird Conservation Plan Technical Reports

Appendices 1 – 5: Populations, Objectives, Area Importance, Assessment Scores, Uncommon Species, Planning Region Map

Full Document (file size: 14,094K)

U.S. Shorebird Conservation Partnership Council

Council Members (January 2015)

Meeting Minutes

Terms of Reference (August 2009)

Position Letters

Promoting a Western Hemisphere Perspective (November 2001)

Advocating for Shorebird Conservation (September 2004)

Plan Performance Assessment (December 2011)

Strategy for Plan Implementation, 2012 -2016 (July 2012)

Comments/Tasks from NABCI/Bird Plan/JV Meeting (February 2015)